Monday, Monday

“Monday Monday, can’t trust that day,
Monday Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be”

No life drawing!!! The mayor has decided that as Monday is a holiday it would disturb the peace 😦

Any explanations about how this could be are welcome.



Monday Morning the Unexpected or Undecided

Mondays the day for life drawing or at least the morning is and sometimes I am glad its not any longer than 2 hours. Today was one of those mornings. It was a struggle from beginning to end. The fact that I managed to have 3 drawings which I am reasonably happy with was a miracle. I could change my mind and put them in the Undecided folder or recycle them for next week. I have sorted out a load of drawings to be recycled by either washing off the ink or an addition of paint. I do not necessarily cover them totally I like to see what a combination of drawings can become. The unexpected can produce the best results!

Finding the form

It’s amazing no matter how often one draws the nude each time is a new experience. If there is a drawing that pleases me after a session I have no idea how I got there. So the next session I have to start all over again discovering marks, making mistakes, making new discoveries and hoping that I will find what I am looking for. Its frustrating,exhilarating and the best feeling when you get a result which is not always the whole drawing. When it is right there is nothing like it and even better for me when it is achieved with the minimum amount of marks. Which is one reason for liking two minute poses there is no time for dithering.