Monday Morning the Unexpected or Undecided

Mondays the day for life drawing or at least the morning is and sometimes I am glad its not any longer than 2 hours. Today was one of those mornings. It was a struggle from beginning to end. The fact that I managed to have 3 drawings which I am reasonably happy with was a miracle. I could change my mind and put them in the Undecided folder or recycle them for next week. I have sorted out a load of drawings to be recycled by either washing off the ink or an addition of paint. I do not necessarily cover them totally I like to see what a combination of drawings can become. The unexpected can produce the best results!


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning the Unexpected or Undecided

  1. Coincidentally,,I do the same,,,,this morning was quite good….but some days it just doesnt happen does it?.I usually just sit and do very quick sketches,moving around the model when that happens.

    1. Hi Cliff hadn’t seen your comment. Been a bit off things after having my gallbladder removed!Trying to get back into the swing of things again. We that is the group of artists who meet each Monday morning always start with 5 poses of 2 mins and after that 10 mons or more. I always find the shorter the pose the less time I have to think works better for me. I start trying to control the drawing instead of letting it happen. I always hope to achieve the perfect drawing but do not which is just as well that would be the end!

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