She is amazing!

Monday was as usual time to sharpen pencils or in my case pens and to start with the whirlwind of two minute drawings. Our model was that day an amazing model who has posed many times. Her experience and enthusiasm make her an amazing model, every pose is so expressive to her very fingertips. I try so hard to capture all that. The two minute poses are the best because as soon as I have time to think the brain gets in the way of a good drawing. Ah well next week!

Look in Nue to see the results and guess which are the 2 mins drawings. It won’t be hard.


Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be………………

A hard morning , a new model, his first time and ours too with him! It was like starting all over. The quick drawings were a disaster, I couldn’t get anything right in 2 mins which is normally my favourite. I needed so much more time to get the whole feel of the new situation. I did walk out with some results which are in the nu folder. Everyone left looking drawn and haggard (excuse the pun).

Back to the drawing board!!!

Having had gallstones putting a bit of a limit on life and then having the gall bladder out which stopped most things, its time to resume where I left off. I did manage to keep up the life drawing as long as I kept to small bits of paper, nothing heavy. Just got round to putting the latest in the appropriate folders. Some I am happy with not many out all that was produced but at least some results!

Ah well back to the drawing board which is always satisfying if frustrating as well.